Kaba Exos Documentation

1.Zweck #

This document is intended to instruct system administrators on how to synchronize an XPressEntry system with a Kaba Exos system.


  1. Setup Kaba Exos to enable the API
  2. This includes creating a User Account with a login/password used by Kaba to authenticate via the API
  3. Aktivieren Sie die Data Manager-Synchronisierung über XPressEntry.
  4. Erste Datensynchronisation und Einrichtung XPressEntry-Daten
  5. Scannen Sie Daten auf dem Kartenleser und überprüfen Sie die Funktionalität
  6. Verify Occupancy Synchronization

2.Setting Up Kaba Exos to Synchronize with XPressEntry #

It is assumed that Kaba Exos is already installed on a server. Check with DormKaba for any API licensing requirements

3.Create User Account in Kaba Exos #

Create a User Account in Kaba Exos.

Make sure this user has a Login and Password and has the ESS ROLE assigned so they can access the ExosApi.

4.Setup Kaba Exos Access Levels #

Kaba uses Profiles and Grids for access permissions. These will automatically be represented in XPressEntry using Groups and Zones.

AccessGrids -> Zones

Profiles -> Groups

If you want XPressEntry to use these grids and profiles, first make sure they’re set up in Kaba Exos.

Then make sure the “Zones” Validation is set under

Tools -> Settings -> Reader Profiles -> Validations

See the screenshot below for how this works.

Make sure to remove other validations!

5.Aktivieren Sie die Data Manager-Synchronisierung in XPressEntry #

Go to Tools -> Settings -> Data Manager

Select Kaba Exos for the Type of the data manager. Press the “Setup Data Manager” button.

Fill out the appropriate info for your server:

Press OK on the Data Manager Setup page.

Go to the Sync Options Tab for Data Manager.

If you want to pull Kaba Occupancy, check the “Pull DataManager Occupancy” checkbox as below:

Finally, press “Save”.

Determine which Data Manager features you want to use with Kaba Exos

  1. Occupancy – Can be scheduled to be done through the Occupancy Sync. This is used for mustering and uses the PersonAccessControlData fields LastAccessGridId and LastAccessDate to determine where a person currently is in the system.
  2. Partial Sync : All Group and Zone data is downloaded each time. Users are updated using the LastChangeDate field. Only updated cardholder records will be downloaded.
  3. Full Sync: All Data is downloaded during a full sync except for Occupancy data.

6.Erste Datensynchronisation und Einrichtung XPressEntry-Daten #

After you’ve done the above setup, press “Full Sync Now”. This should synchronize the Kaba Exos data with XPressEntry.

7.Richten Sie XPressEntry-Handlesegeräte ein #

The only thing of note when setting up the readers is to make sure the reader profiles are set as above. Otherwise, card validation should just work.

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